Advance Merry Christmas everyone! Needless to say, Christmas is the most awaited event of the year and it is right around the corner. We've seen hundreds of lights, amazing shows,  and all the fun-filled events. Everybody's rushing for their last minute shopping escapades. We've got a lot of events to attend to but on the most important day itself, we have sorted out the best things that you can do --  on Christmas Day. 

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5. Sit Back and Relax with a Hot Cocoa

As the year nearly comes to its end, wrap up and reminisce about the things that happened this year. Cherish the good times and memorable ones whilst you're thinking of what you have learned from the trials that came. All this while sipping your favorite hot cocoa in your most comfortable chair.

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4. Bake goodies for the kids

Nothing beats freshly baked cookies and pies straight from the oven for breakfast in the morning before the kids wander out on Christmas Day. Keep them freshened up and energized with your goodies made with love. Sprinkle it with hugs and kisses and send them off to go.

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3. Play and sing along with the Christmas carols

Christmas will never be the same without the carols sang personally by your friends and loved ones. Feel the spirit as you sing your heart out to the tunes of the season. Don’t forget to get your ginger tea ready on or before that day to prepare your vocal chords.

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2. Go to Church

He will always be the reason for this feast and this celebration will not be possible if not for him. Start your celebration by attending a mass with your family to ask for his blessing and as a gift to the child in the manger, Jesus Christ. 

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1.Spend Time With Loved Ones

 Christmas will never be as jolly and wonderful if not celebrated with the ones you love. All the gifts, the food, and the preparation are all for them.  Saving for their gifts, being their Santa and of course cooking their favorites will all be worthy just by seeing their happy faces and appreciating laughter. Most of all, just being able to celebrate the special day with them at your side, is already one of the best things that life can offer.

 Christmas eve is one of the most important nights of the season, never missed out on the opportunity to celebrate it with all the important people in your life. Make it extra special by adding a personalize greeting cards with your special thank you notes and messages of love. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

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