Savannah is a centuries-old city with a deep history and she is well known for her supernatural side. She has long been associated with an active population of all manner of ghostly residents, and her list of haunted places is a long one. These 10 spots are among them, and the stories of their unsettled spirits are everyday conversation as well as fodder for spine-chilling ghost tours and pub crawls that you can take by foot, trolley or – if you’re feeling really bold – in a tricked-out hearse.

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The Marshall House 

This historic, award-winning hotel has appeared on quite a few lists of “most haunted places.” It was built in 1851 and used as a Union hospital during the Civil War and again during two yellow fever outbreaks. Guests have reported ghostly soldiers roaming around, water taps turning on and off all by themselves, and the sounds of child spirits running and playing in the hallways in the wee hours of the night.

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Sorrel-Weed House 

Visitors to this grand old mansion – where it’s said a marital affair and betrayal ended in tragedy – not only claim to have seen apparitions and heard disembodied voices. Some say they also experience sensations like unexplained nausea and dizziness. The spooky goings-on has been documented by lots of paranormal researchers including the SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” and the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures.”

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Moon River Brewing Company 

Built in 1821, this now brewpub was Savannah’s first hotel; it also housed a post office and bank and was once a makeshift hospital. It too has captured the attention of paranormal investigators, and its history includes violent shootings and numerous yellow fever deaths. Ghost sightings include the “Lady in White,” shadow figures in the basement, and shooting victim James Stark whose apparition might just cut in line for a drink.

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The Pirates’ House 

Dating to the 1700s, the Pirates’ House restaurant began as a gathering place for real-life pirates and other raucous types. Back then, privateer captains would shanghai unwary sailors from this tavern to refit their crew, dragging them drunk, drugged or unconscious through the cellar tunnel that ran to the Savannah River. Manifestations include surly seamen and an unsavory sea captain who supposedly died there.

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Madison Square 

Some visitors to Madison Square at night have spoken about a dark, man-shaped figure charging quickly toward them only to vanish into thin air. Others have mentioned ghostly presences and unearthly sounds. Many speculate that these experiences are tied to the many soldiers who fell in battle at this location during the Revolutionary War. Bodies of British soldiers have been unearthed during modern-day construction of buildings around the square.

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Wright Square

Alice Riley and Tomochichi are among the spirits believed to inhabit this location. It was called the “hanging square” as gallows once stood there. Riley was hanged for the crime of murder shortly after giving birth, and the story goes that she wanders Wright Square looking for her child. Yamacraw Chief Tomochichi gifted the land that became Savannah. His grave was unceremoniously removed from the square to make room for another memorial.

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Olde Pink House

This 18th-century mansion turned restaurant and tavern are purportedly home to several ghosts. One is James Habersham, Jr. who built the house. Servers say they have seen him drinking ale and people watching, and they suspect he lights candles and straightens table settings. Others speak of a sobbing female specter on the second floor and children who play pranks like “locking” ladies in the restroom, despite the fact that the owners removed the locks.

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432 Abercorn Street 

What’s truth and what’s legend about this house is hard to decipher, but one thing is for sure – it is foreboding. Cameras malfunction when people take pictures, spectral beings have been seen floating in the air, and some say they break out in goosebumps when passing by. Whether the tales of father and daughter ghosts and those of victims of a triple murder are facts or fiction, this infamous house inevitably comes up when talking hauntings.

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Colonial Park Cemetery 

The final resting place of thousands of Savannah’s earliest residents, this municipal cemetery is considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in the city. Among the commonly mentioned sightings are shadows walking among the headstones, mist figures moving through the cemetery and a strange green mist floating close to the ground.

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Bonaventure Cemetery

It’s been described as hauntingly beautiful and is known for its eye-catching statues of the dead that reputedly “come alive.” One that is particularly haunting is the life-sized statue of Gracie Watson; she died of pneumonia at the age of six. Visitors claim that her statue cries tears of blood if playthings left at her grave are removed and that they have seen what appears to be a real girl skipping through the cemetery who blinks out of sight.

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