Savannah was a major seat on the Atlantic coast for almost 200 years. Cotton and commerce brought considerable wealth to the Hostess City, and the rich were not hesitant to spend the money on their homes. Some of the finest mansions to be found in the South are located here. The styles of architecture vary with periods in which the mansions were constructed.

The Classic Style and Look

The architecture of Savannah’s mansions reflect the styles which were popular in different time periods. The Owens-Thomas House is an example of the Regency style, and the Armstrong House shows the Italian Renaissance kind of home. 

An early form of architecture is the Federal style and the Davenport house is a prime example of that form of the early 19th-century architecture. A number of the historic mansions are open for tours. You can see the interior and have a better idea of what to expect as you go house hunting. You’ll notice the history and the refinement of a bygone age. The historic districts of Savannah have many of these fine older homes. You will find a number of them close by to the squares for which Savannah is noted. The mansions in the city reflect the great wealth that was once so much a part of Savannah. Being able to purchase one of these mansions permits a person to do more than just live in history; it gives an opportunity to feel the rewards of having worked so hard to become successful in a tough business world.

Scouting with the Best Guides

Elegant and stylish houses are not just part of the past. Many beautiful homes are being built in the Savannah area for those people who can afford great taste in architecture and interior design. These homes are sought by highly successful people and reflect the owner’s status in business and society. The right home is right around the corner. Live Love Savannah is here to help you.

It might be in one of Savannah’s historic districts or perhaps one on the islands. A mansion that offers elegant living and showcases your success is just waiting to be discovered by you. Live Love Savannah agents are dedicated students of Savannah property. We first of all find out from you what you are looking to buy. We will then do the scouting around necessary to find that perfect place. There is more to buying the house than taking a tour. A lot of paperwork has to be done, and it is made more important by the price one of Savannah mansions. These are serious investments in real estate and a prospective buyer has to be careful. The title search must be done and there is still some last-minute negotiations. We are seasoned experts in real estate transactions. When you finally arrive at the closing day, you’ll discover that everything is in perfect order. That is the real benefit of dealing with a Live Love Savannah real estate agent.

Professionals with a Personal Touch

Our level of professional help is enhanced by the qualities we bring. We listen to you and ask what you really want in the mansion of your dreams. You will find that we make time for you and do everything we can to be of service. It is the reason why we are the premier boutique real estate agency in Savannah.  

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