There are those who think that Savannah is just a sleepy little town in southeast Georgia. We do admit the pace of life is a little bit slower than New York City, but it does not mean we will roll up the sidewalks when the working day is done. Savannah has a very active nightlife and things really start to move after the sun goes down. 

Music Fills the Night

If you enjoy live music you cannot go wrong in the Hostess City. Bay Street Blues is a wonderful place where you can hear a truly urban sound. Savannah Smiles Dueling Piano Saloon is a lively place with four pianos pounding out the melodies. Club 309 West is one of the hottest places in the South. The Jinx has some of the best talents in the area. It is a lively place waiting for you to enjoy. Things can be a little quiet at Feather and Freight, but they have more than 20 craft beers for you to savor. Lulu’s Chocolate Bar has been voted one of Savannah’s best for years. 
The Irish and Scottish pubs are a part of Savannah’s life after dark. Murphy’s Law Irish Pub is a great place for happy hour, and the Six Pence Club is right in the center of the historic district. If you are the kind of person who enjoys theater, the Historic Savannah Theatre is just the place for you. There also is the Trustees Theater Savannah College of Art and Design for you to check out the live theater.

Living Near the Fun

Would you like to live close to where the action is? It is possible in Savannah.  There are a number of residential districts very close to the clubs and the restaurants. As a matter of fact, some of the neighborhoods are strolling distance away from the clubs and lounges of the city. You can certainly have all the fun activity you want, and be able to walk home from it. You can have a house close to where you want to spend your free time, but you do have to be discerning. It is a question of combining what you want with what you need.

That new home has got to have all of the amenities that you and your family require. You must remember that you will be spending perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the right house. It is to your advantage to have a professional real estate agent working with you. By that, we mean somebody who is not a part-time dabbler in real estate, but a person whose career is real estate. You’ll find such an agent at Live Love Savannah Real Estate.

Because our agents are full-time professionals, they keep their finger on the pulse of the real estate market. They know about the available houses close to the nightlife of the city, and they can help you pick out the one that best suits your needs. Any purchase of a house is going to require a lot of paperwork. You can rest assured that a Live Love Savannah agent is going to have all of the papers in good order. All you really have to do is sign them on a closing day.
You put in a hard day’s work, and the evening is a wonderful time to just loosen your tie and relax. Savannah is a city where you can do all of that. It is nice to have a home close to all of the entertainment and fun. It is possible, and you can get the house that you want with our help. 

Live Love Savannah is a boutique real estate agency in the city, and we take great pride in our client service. We would love to be of service to you and help you find the home you want. Please do feel free to contact us at 912-341-6601 or send us an email at 

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