Folks in Savannah are lucky not to have the winter freeze our friends in Boston have. Nevertheless, winter is a time of year where people do a lot of nesting and the house shows it. Spring is a time when cleaning is the order of the day and you want to make your house sparkle.

Get Rid of the Clutter

You can go from room to room and just get rid of all of the papers and other junk that has collected over the last few months. Doing that is going to make your home look spacious and clean. It also gets rid of dust collectors so that the air is a lot fresher. You can look at kitchen counters and put those bowls and dishes back in the cupboard where they belong. Carpets always take a beating during the colder months and having professional carpet cleaners come in will make those floor coverings look brand-new. Bright colors should be the order of the day, and that includes pillow coverings and curtains. A bright tablecloth can make a dark wood piece of furniture stand out. A little bit of lemon wax polish can also bring out the beauty in the wood. A fresh coat of paint can make the door trim look great and the same is true for the window sills.

A Little Fragrance Certainly Helps

It can be more than just scented spray. Simply baking a batch of cookies can give a very nice aroma to the kitchen and surrounding rooms. You can also bring in some fresh cut flowers to add to the ambience of the living room. Some of the sweet smells of spring can come through the house in a breeze. All you need to do is open up the windows to let it come in. Sometimes the back area looking out onto the yard can look a little worse for wear. Clean away any of the windblown debris and the back porch can look magnificent. If you're really ambitious, then a landscaper can be brought in to do the trimming of any unsightly shrubs. It is all part of getting your house ready for the spring and then the summer. None of this has to cost a lot of money. In fact, much of what you will be spending is a little sweat equity on your part. It need not take a lot of time, but just a few hours on the weekend. Your house will benefit from all the attention you give it during spring cleaning.

Is Selling Your House Part of Your Spring Plans?

People will do spring cleaning with an idea to sell the house. In the real estate industry it's known as enhancing the curb appeal of your property and it is a great idea. When it comes time to put the house on the market, you'll discover that a little help goes a long way. A good real estate agent can do wonders in marketing that spruced up house of yours. It saves you a lot of time and quite a bit of trouble.

Live Love Savannah is a boutique real estate agency here in Savannah. Our real estate agents are full-time professionals committed to selling your house at the best possible price. We can do the marketing for your property and schedule showings at a time that fits your busy schedule. Our staff can also make a few additional recommendations that will enhance the beauty of that home of yours. We want to help you sell your house as quickly as possible and at its true value. Please feel free to contact us at (912) 398-1045 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

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