The neighborhoods are what make Savannah so interesting. Each one has its own unique characteristics and special charm, making living in the city a delight. One of these neighborhoods is Midtown. It has a very special place in the heart of the Hostess City.

A Great Neighborhood

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Residential areas in Midtown include Kensington Park and Habersham Woods. Some of the best Savannah restaurants are located in Midtown such as Kayak Kafe and Savannah Bar Food in Habersham Village. You can stop in for a meal or a snack after shopping at Kitchenware Outfitters, Petite Feet, Blue Belle or The Globe Shoe Company. Many shoppers do not want to spend their money in retail chain stores. These people find that Midtown has quite a number of homegrown stores that lends to a charming local vibe.

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There is no need to be worried about the neighbors. This area of Savannah is family oriented with a number of old-growth trees along the streets. You can expect to find some preservationist types and quite a few families. 

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You can take a walking tour to see some of the great neighborhoods of the city, but if you are shopping for a house you should take the stroll with a professional real estate agent. There are some neighborhood features you may not be aware of because you do not live there. The good real estate agent knows the ground. He or she is very familiar with Savannah real estate and what is currently up for sale. You can find such an agent at the Live Love Savannah office.

Use a Professional Real Estate Agent

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It is only natural that you would be excited by the activities and fun things to do in Midtown, but a real estate agent takes a sharp look at other things. Depending on your request, our Live Love Savannah agents will be looking for homes that are close to schools or police stations. There are two hospitals in Midtown and we take into account the distance between houses for sale and any of these healthcare centers. The agent is also going to check on the property taxes so that you don't blow out your family budget.

Agents will vary in the level of service they deliver to clients. Unfortunately, there are some real estate agents who are part-time people;  estate is just a way to get some extra money. Such agents do not always do the research required to find that one particular house you want. 

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The Live Love Savannah agents are all full-time professionals in the industry. These are the kind of people who will take additional real estate courses, and become serious students of Savannah property. Some of the things that a part-time real estate agent will overlook, our people focus on. It assures you that you will receive the very best advice and guidance from any one of our people.

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Midtown is a very charming slice of Savannah which is meant to be enjoyed. A young family can very easily fit into one of these neighborhoods, and there are places that retirees can spend their golden years. It is an opportunity to enjoy the charming ambiance of Savannah. If you are starting to think of finding a house in this wonderful neighborhood, your best first step is to contact us to arrange an appointment. We welcome the opportunity to better explain Midtown and tell you more about our services. Please do feel free to contact us at 912-341-6601 or send us an email at