Savannah's  culinary scene is evolving and while you can easily find delicious down-home options in our city,  it goes well beyond butter-laden and Southern-fried cuisine.  And in late November 2016, the esteemed national restaurant guide  Zagat gave Savannah a nod in this regard.

More  specifically,   Zagat ranked  Savannah #12 on their list of the "26  Hottest Food Cities for 2016."

How Cities Got Picked

To compile the list, Zagat went to editors around the country and asked them to make their best case for the American city they believed had the biggest year in food." What did the editors look for? They considered criteria such as a city's  growth spurt in terms of exciting new restaurants, as well as, award recognition and media attention garnered at a national level. Zagat also said that they asked some of the top brass of food media to opine on which locales should make the cut.

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What Zagat Had to Say

As for Savannah and the dining scene, Zagat indicated that our city is shifting into a higher gear that  The Hostess City is essentially "on the rise again."

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Reawakening within the last couple of years

Named two of Savannah's  most popular restaurants as examples of this culinary transformation. Both have in fact been called game changers for Savannah. The Florence offering Italian fine dining with  Southern-grown ingredients in the rustic atmosphere of an old ice factory, and nationally acclaimed The Grey housed in an elegantly restored bus terminal and serving Southern cuisine with a timely take and flavors deeply rooted in tradition.

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Called attention to Savannah's uptick in modern Southern cuisine

Here, they made mention of the following places that serve updated versions of homespun offerings from below the Mason-Dixon line: Cotton & Rye, which bills itself as fusing modern techniques with traditional arts. Rocks on the River where you can get Southern-influenced American comfort food, and The Wyld Dock Bar, a waterfront spot with a seafood-centric menu that has a Southern twist.

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Recognized the expansion of our city's horizons beyond regional specialties

Related to this point, the foodie website spotlighted three establishments. 

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Hitch - offers creative American favorites like PB&J wings and chicken pancake tacos.

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Vault Kitchen  & Market - this chic eatery in a renovated bank building offers dishes like Deposit Box Duck Tacos. 

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Savannah Taphouse - offers an award- winning made-from-scratch menu and upscale sports bar atmosphere.

image source: New York Magazine

What Savannahians Know

This additional feather in Savannah's foodie cap is further confirmation of what visitors soon discover and locals already know.  Savannah's  restaurant scene is burgeoning and eclectic.  This means that those of us who make Savannah home get to experience different culinary adventures and great gastronomic delights as a regular part of our enviable lifestyle.

 And although we don't  mean to brag, Live Love'Savann-ah fully expects more national accolades to come Savannah's way related to our hometown being a great food destination for all sorts of cuisines.  It's truly exciting and our team of Savannah real estate experts continues to be proud to help others in getting to know all there is to know about the Savannah lifestyle.

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