Savannah’s Glorious Fourth

America’s greatest holiday is a big event in Savannah. We take great pride in the way we celebrate the Glorious Fourth. It is always an occasion for people to enjoy.

Starts the Day Before

Events will start early, and Savannah Coffee Roasters will provide a puppet show for the children. Tybee Island has their Fourth of July celebration on July the Third. It starts at sunset, and it is an evening full of fireworks. 

River Street is certainly a place to be for the Fourth of July. The Savannah Waterfront Association does its very best to see to it that everybody along the street has a grand time. 

The Old Town Trolley will provide a fantastic tour of Savannah and give you some ideas on where to watch the fireworks. Old Town encourages guests and will allow free admission to bring along a paid guest.

All Kinds of Celebration

Savannah celebrates the reason for the day at the Tricentennial Park. There's an annual reading of the Declaration of Independence, and there are other activities at Savannah Children's Museum and Battlefield Memorial Park. Fort McAllister features reenactors in a program that lasts the entire day. 

The Savannah River Boat will provide a cruise, and you can watch the fireworks from the deck of the ship. Most families will take their children home to bed after the fireworks. Those who are single can spend a few hours enjoying the nightlife of Savannah. It is an excellent way to finish off this holiday.

Savannah does everything possible to make this a huge day for everybody. As you are enjoying the day's events, your eyes may wander over to some of the for sale signs in front of the few houses. You could take the opportunity of the day off from work to do a little house hunting. 

The Savannah neighborhoods are beautiful places to take a stroll; you could fall in love with a particular area. But don't let the romance with the property blind you. You need to investigate the house carefully because of the amount of money you will be spending to buy it.

Our Agents Work for You

Allow a Live Love Savannah real estate agent do the detective work for you. We are very familiar with all of the neighborhoods and we stay on top of things as far as what houses are on the market for sale. We check the property our clients are interested in. It includes seeing if there's any structural problems, or if there are any outstanding liens on the premises. 

Our clients are told immediately about any problems. Things that go unnoticed by some people, such as utility budgets, our agents check carefully. We make sure there are no hidden surprises behind the walls or in the basement. The negotiations for property will go a lot smoother with our people. Sensitive issues are quietly resolved and you will find the transaction is without any faults. It really is the way that the purchase of the house ought to have.

Many will say Fourth of July ranks with Christmas as a favorite holiday of the year. We could not agree more. It is a welcome break in the hot summer, and everyone gets a chance to kick back and enjoy being with friends and family. There’s also that fantastic opportunity to take a look at the neighborhoods and the houses. It may be time for you to purchase that first home, or move to a different location to better accommodate your family. You cannot be better than have a Live Love Savannah agent help you. 

We have established ourselves as one of the best agencies in the Hostess City, and this boutique real estate agency goes the extra mile for all clients. 

When you are ready to begin house hunting, please feel free to contact us at 912-341-6601 or send us an email at