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Ah, summer! That golden time of the year that everyone looks forward to because the sun is out, the weather is great, and there are holidays one after the other. Everyone in the family has that lounge about, laid-back vibe and for some reason; each one has enough time to spare. 

Now, most folks would agree that the age old question of “when is the best time to sell the home?” comes up every now and we’re here to give you five good reasons that summer may be one of the best seasons to put your home on the market. 

Top Reasons for Listing Your Home in the Summer:

1. Tourists!

It is no secret that most folks are out and about during summer. People are exploring new places and while traveling, they are more likely to fall in love in a particular area or community. There is a very high chance that these travelers are in the market for a new house - be it a secondary vacation home or their first ever purchase where they would love to start growing their roots in – And with Savannah looking so romantic and ethereal, with the natural archways of the Spanish moss covered oak trees… who doesn’t want to live in a fairytale? 

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2. Time

In the summer, people have time. They have time to walk through new places, time to explore communities, time to fall in love with a new home. The holidays that come with the summer is a big help too and that is because, when people stay for a weekend and have had a lovely time, some of them actually want to stay for a lifetime or to keep coming back – and HGTV’s vacation home for free series where people purchase vacation homes and rent it during the time they are not using it is proof of that.

3. That "Sense of Urgency"

The urgency stems from people wanting to be able to settle in before the school year starts. Some of these buyers have been looking for their new dream home for months on end. Now they either have not found the perfect fit or they might have missed a previous offer situation. In the summer, there will finally be enough time to do that open house walk through and check if a particular property is the one that fits their family’s needs and, the closer you are to the start of the school year, the higher their sense of urgency will be.

4. Longer Daytime

A lot of people really don’t have enough flexibility at work. The only time they will be able to check out a property is after office hours and most of the time, if after office hours = after dark, people have the tendency to put things off until tomorrow. Summer means longer days and longer days mean people will get off of work, see daylight, and know that they still have time to check out a property “in the proper light”

5. Better Weather

There is the reason why rainy weather is called bed weather. People really don’t like being out and about during the wet or cold seasons – who in their right minds would? Summer days will help get more potential buyers through your door which means increased chances of getting interested parties and your property sold.

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