Cities have zoning laws. It allows for uniformity in the community and also sees to it that cocktail lounges are not located next to churches. This can cause some problems for people who want to have a specific house to call home. The zoning law in existence might prohibit their wishes from being realized.

Zoning Laws Define the Neighborhoods

Savannah has zoning laws and guidelines for the neighborhoods. The Historic District, for example, has a number of requirements for homeowners. These are intended to keep the architecture in contact with the historic period. Few people want to have their home next to an auto body shop, which is why there are zoning regulations for where a particular business is allowed to make its presence known. This is something that a buyer may not be fully aware of when seeking a home. This individual may be thinking of doing some renovation work to make the house more fit to his or her taste. It is a nice idea but may not fit well with the zoning ordinances. People sometimes get confused as they are trying to find a house because they don't know the zoning laws. A good real estate agent does.

It is sad to say, but not every real estate agent is fully committed to the profession. There is a number who dabble in real estate as a second income. They are much more concerned with the commission to be received, and will not do some of the very important research. They operate on volume and not a lot on quality. Anyone who works with Live Love Savannah will not have to worry about this. We are dedicated to serving our client.

Listening to the Client, Checking the Rules

Whenever we are given the privilege of helping somebody find a house, Live Love Savannah will first listen to the buyer. We want to know exactly what our client would like, and if there is anything, in particular, the individual has in mind. This can be something as simple as operating a home based bakery out of the kitchen. With that information, we take a look at the zoning ordinances and what specific activities are prohibited. We let you know about this right away. There may be circumstances where what the you want to do is acceptable in certain parts of Savannah. It is our responsibility as the real estate agent to find such locations. What helps is our high level of interaction and communication. We are continually in contact with you and we return phone calls promptly. This is all part of delivering a high level of client service. It is something that Live Love Savannah has a reputation for doing.

We also take a look at the outlying areas. Something that is not allowed under Savannah zoning laws may be permissible in one of the suburbs. We will go that extra mile to find out. Anything else that a client needs to know we share with this person. This is in addition to all of the other routine real estate agent chores. We will schedule house visits, research the titles, and do everything necessary to make the final transaction less of an effort for you. Our primary goal is to help you get what you desire and need.

Zoning laws are something that many people don’t think about. We have the zoning in mind all the time. We also have a good understanding of the real estate market in the Savannah area. People are going to be spending tens of thousands of dollars to get the right house. We respect how serious a financial investment the house is, and we work to find the best one for you. There are other services that we provide and we welcome your questions. 

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