People think about Florida when they consider living on water in the South. Mind you, we have nothing against people who live in Florida, but we do believe that in the Savannah area there are places of real charm and character sitting by the water. These are the coastal islands of Georgia and a number of them are within sight of Savannah.

An Amazing History All of Its Own

The Islands used to be a favorite hideaway for pirates and although we have no proof, we feel for sure Blackbeard sailed close by. The islands were part of Savannah's defense in the Civil War, and the Fort Pulaski National Monument on Tybee Island was part of the defense of Savannah at the time. Wilmington Island has some delightful little secrets from the days of the Prohibition, and it might just be a bottle or two of the once forbidden spirits hiding under a rock.

The islands are places where people live, but they live very close to great natural beauty. There are Maritime forest and salt marshes to be found. In addition to a very beautiful beach Skidaway National Park is a beautiful study in the nature and pathways found on all the islands allow a person to walk through the pristine beauty of areas which, while residential, maintain a very close connection to the coastal environment. On Isle of Hope the scenery has been noted by the motion picture industry and a number of scenic shots from Isle of Hope have been part of some Hollywood movies.

Outdoor Activities Await Everyone

The islands are naturally spectacular for any boating or fishing. That is not the only activity that people can enjoy. There are a number of superior golf courses that dot the islands and the golfer will find the coastal islands to be a real paradise.

Isle of Hope, Skidaway, Wilmington Island and Tybee have residential communities with excellent houses. A person has to understand that not every home on the island looks like it came out of Gone with the Wind or Paula Deen's home. We may be in the deep South, but not every building is historical. There are a number of contemporary homes that can be found throughout the coastal islands. Some of them are the type that a successful executive or professional would want to have as home. There are other properties that don't cost as much but are as equally charming. A family can find a great place to raise children on any of these islands in the Savannah area.

Let Us Be of Help

Island living certainly appeals to a lot of people. The only challenge is that there are a number of islands with homes and the prices are different from one place to the other. It helps if you have a professional real estate agent who knows the area and is working for you. This is the kind of person who will take a look at the coastal islands and help determine which is the best one for you to drop anchor. Live Love Savannah prides itself on being a boutique real estate agency that knows Savannah and its islands. We help you uncover a real estate treasure not far from the beautiful beach or amazing golf courses. We are proud of our real estate agents because they are not amateurs in the field. They are professionals who have real estate as their chosen career path in life. They can help you find exactly what you are looking for on any of the coastal islands.

If the sound of the surf and the call of the seagulls are things that you want to have as part of your home environment, we can be of assistance in helping you find that beautiful house. Please do feel free to contact us.

Homes for Sale Savannah

Check out some of the properties below that are on the islands. You may just find that perfect one for you!

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