If you think that all there is in Southern cuisine is fried catfish, then you never have been in the South. Yes, it is true that we do have grits, but we also have gourmet cooking that would please the most discriminating palates. Savannah is noted for some wonderful restaurants and you can find a number of them in the downtown area.

Restaurants with Good Food and Great History

It was common in the old South for towns to have boarding houses. You could have a room to sleep in and at least two meals a day at the dining room table shared by all the residents. 70 years ago Selma Wilkes became the owner of a boarding house on Jones Street, and over the years Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room has become one of the best-known eating places in Savannah. The menu offers some Southern specialties straight from the garden, including pickled beets, collard greens, rutabaga and black-eyed peas. Garibaldi's Cafe has a reputation for amazing Italian cuisine, but is also well-known for seafood. The Scored Flounder is a dish that you will not find in most restaurants. It is definitely worth ordering. It is definitely worth ordering. Just around the corner is the Old Pink House. If you have a taste for seafood, you can taste the calamari, seared scallops, and crab cakes here. The restaurant also has a what they call southern sushi; it is worth dining on. One of the oldest buildings in Savannah happens to be The Pirate's House. You will find on the menu She Crab Soup. This happens to be a delicacy of Savannah and visiting the historic Pirate House is worth the visit. As a child, I loved going there.

We do not want to frighten you, but rumor has it that some of the other restaurants are haunted. It should come as no surprise because the food is so good the patrons really do not want to leave. Some have no problem spending their afterlife checking out the appetizers.

There Are Beautiful Homes in the Area

After having a meal at one of Savannah's great restaurants, you would probably just like to stroll on home. There are some beautiful historic houses in the vicinity and these are all part of the historic ambiance that makes downtown Savannah so distinctive. If you want to enjoy the culture and cuisine of the Hostess City to the fullest, owning one of these homes is definitely a ticket to luxury. What is important is that you have a good real estate agent helping you out. You can always go house hunting yourself, but that really is not the best strategy. A good real estate agent knows the ins and outs of the property and if you're going to spend the money you should have the best advice. Live Love Savannah is here to be of service.

Our Agents are Professionals

We are a boutique real estate agency in Savannah, we take great pride in helping our client find the right house. Our real estate agents make a point of following up on any available properties, and they know the inside and outside of the place. Historic homes are beautiful but they come at a price. It is our objective to make sure that any client gets more than what they paid for in beauty and grace. Any questions about a particular house is investigated thoroughly, and the answers delivered promptly.

Dining in Savannah is a culinary joy and every restaurant patron will testify to that truth. The best of all possible worlds is to have a beautiful home within walking distance of one of these great establishments. Live Love Savannah can be of assistance in tracking down the best place for you and your family. Please do feel free to contact us by calling 912-341-6601 or send us an email at livelovesavannah@gmail.com

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