The older neighborhoods in many cities have styles of architecture which could be best described as a little unique. Such is the case with Savannah which has some relatively unusual domestic forms. Savannah after the Civil War was not a devastated area. People made money, and they spent it on beautiful house styles. The Gingerbread House is one example. It is also known as the Asendorf House and this turn of the century building is over 100 years old. The Gingerbread House is a prime example of Steam Gothic Architecture and is now used for special occasions such as weddings.

A Variety of Styles

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There are others, of course. Savannah homes built in the late 19th-century exhibit styles of exterior decor which reflected the tastes of the owners. Some of these may seem a little too ornate to us, but to Victorian and Edwardian homeowners, they were just right. You can see many examples of stunning architecture throughout the historic neighborhoods of Savannah. These houses are a joy to see, but looks can be deceiving. Underneath the ornate carving, there may be dry rot and the foundation may not be solid. People do not often notice these defects. A trained real estate professional does. This person looks for any difficulties in the house.

Trouble Lies in the Shadows

The structure has to be explored because there may be termite colonies in the beams. The magnificent roof may be as porous as a sponge, with water leaking into the attic. The basement may show there are cracks in the wall brought about by a shifting foundation. Looking for all of these defects is what a professional real estate agent does on a routine basis. If there's paperwork on the property, such as reports of building code violations, a good real estate agent is going to be checking for this. Live Love Savannah has full-time professionals on staff to help you.

We Do the Best for You

A house is a home and has to have what you need both inside and outside. Granted, the inside requirements may include numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms but the outside are critical considerations. It includes where are the local schools, churches, and even the grocery stores. Live Love Savannah provides very comprehensive service. We do not just ask you about the style of house you want, but what you need for high quality of life.

Communication is a central part of our services. We do a lot of listening because we know that every client has very specific needs. It is sad to note that some real estate agents are more interested in the commission. These will push a sale to an individual, and not do a complete job of investigating the property. You will not find that kind of behavior with a Live Love Savannah agent. We want to satisfy the client, and the commission takes a secondary place in our minds. More than once we have advised against a high-priced house because of structural problems. If another location is going to suit the needs of a client better, we will look for it.

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The building styles will change over the years. The Savannah architecture boasts of the history of our city. The homes let you know what were the fashion taste of a given period, and these homes are still places to put down roots. Live Love Savannah can explain the different styles, and give suggestions on how to best evaluate them. We have a variety of services which a buyer can consider. These are all intended to help get the best house at the most affordable price. Please feel free to Please feel free to contact us at 912-341-6601 or send us an email at