Summer is officially  over and Savannah  is heading  into Fall. If you think this is a sleepy little southern  town, you are truly mistaken.  October just happens to be one of the best time to live in Savannah! With all the activities going on, you are going to be very busy having so much fun as stuff happens almost daily in this lively little town. 

Time to Sell.

Is selling your house on your fall bucket list? If it is, then good for you because it is actually a good time to do this and you should be getting ready for the market as soon as possible.  Some  may  suggest  you should try selling  your home by yourself  in order to save money  on commissions and some people will think it's a good idea.  

We beg to differ. Selling your home  on your own is not the same as selling your automobile. One mistake with the wrong type of paper can stop the transaction immediately.  If you are not aware of all the things that goes on with the deed of sale,  you place yourself at a disadvantage. There is a considerable amount of work and you can definitely benefit from getting professional assistance.  We are talking about  full-time  real estate  agents  who are dedicated  to their career. Those are the kind of people who work for Live Love Savannah.

Devil Hidden  in the Details

You have to do a fair amount of marketing to sell your house and Live Love Savannah is an expert in it. We also give you advice on how to get your property ready for those buyer visits, which we are going to schedule for you. Negotiations can be somewhat complicated, but our staff is comprised of seasoned veterans willing to help you with what you need. 

Who will help you get a good price for your property?  

Mistakes  referred  to earlier  often happens  at closing.  People  who are trying  to sell their homes by themselves often forget about title searches and does not realize that there are liens on the property.  Our agents are very much aware  of how the smallest  details  can ruin the deal. 

We make it a point that everything is in order.  

If you do not want  to be at the closing,  you do not have to be there.  A Live Love  Savannah  agent will represent  you and see to it that the keys to your house are handed over successfully.  Any last-minute  drama  is avoided  when one of our professionals is at the table and expect to get a very fair price for the property you are trying to sell.  

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Fall is considered one of the best times to list your home on the market since most people are back from their summer vacation and the atmosphere of a different environment is still fresh among them. While we don't get the autumn  leaves you will find in New England, it doesn't mean Savannah will be gray in the closing months. It is a busy city but the residents can still enjoy each and every day relaxed and feeling great! See for yourself and have a wonderful time in Savannah! Live Love Savannah can help you in both the selling and buying. Please  feel free to contact us at 912-341-6601  or send us an email at

Thinking of buying a home in Savannah?

When visiting is no longer an option and you decided to set roots in town, we at the Live Love Savannah Real Estate team can help. From Single Family Homes, Condominiums to townhomes and more, we are positive we can find the right home for you. Call us at 912 341-6601 and let's get started! 

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