It is a mistake to think that Savannah is nothing but a row of little white houses that look the same. Not only does the Hostess City have a variety of architectural designs in houses, but there are communities which are suburban or rural or urban. Ellabell, Georgia is a small community in the countryside near Savannah. It is the kind of place that appeals to quite a few prospective homebuyers.

The Old South

The community is unincorporated, but history did not ignore this area at all. The pre-bellum South of your imagination did indeed exist. There were plantations close to Savannah and these supplied cotton for the warehouses which were on either side of the Savannah River. Glen Echo was a plantation whose main house was built just before the Revolutionary War. The land itself was given to the original owners by a Kings Grant. The Plantation is on the National Register of Historic Places. This historic site is part of the charm of Ellabell. 

The community is proof that the history of southeast Georgia is not limited to the city of Savannah. Indeed, the countryside has several historic places.  Locations like Ellabell will invite a person to view history but also slow down a bit. You can feel yourself going back in a time when things were not so rushed. The surroundings can be a real treat for somebody who works at a high-stress job. Ellabell is not that far from Savannah, but you can feel your blood pressure drop as your workplace is in the rearview mirror, and the little community is just ahead of you waiting for you to come home. The rural area of Georgia is a beautiful place to raise children and set down roots. What you have to keep in mind is that you need to be as careful in selecting a house in the country as you would in the city.

A Diverse Knowledge of Real Estate Helps

Not every real estate agent is ambidextrous when it comes to property. Many only specialize in suburban areas or in the city itself. Country living and rural property is not an area of expertise with some real estate agents, many of whom are part-time.  We are proud of the fact that we are well-versed in the property. We know the territory outside of Savannah just as well as we know houses on the squares. If you are interested in a rural setting such as Ellabell, we can provide needed assistance.  We will research all the details and report back to you. The knowledge shared is both the positive and negative qualities. We are not interested in pushing a house for the commission. We want to be confident that the home you select is the best for your price range and just the place for you.

If you are looking for a house near one of the Savannah squares, or perhaps a home on Tybee Island or a small town like Ellabell you will discover that we are the best service providers. We are full-time professionals who are committed to the real estate industry. You can rest assured that all of the finer points are going to be researched, and the paperwork is ready for closing. We are committed to helping you.

There is so much beautiful properties both in and around Savannah. These houses are waiting for the right person to purchase them, and this individual could be you. You deserve to have the best real estate agent working for you. We welcome the opportunity to explain our services further to you. Please do feel free to contact us at (912) 495-8540 or send us an email at


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