Many real estate agents consider summer and spring to be the best seasons to sell your home. A lot of buyers plan their purchase for their new place during these warm months. But they just don’t disappear after Labor Day.

The Holiday Season is your best pick for selling your home faster and for more money.

There is less competition, most homeowners are very sentimental and don’t want the hassle during the holidays. Their ethos is spending Christmas at home, any selling will have to wait till next year. Good news for decided sellers, there will be less inventory and more buyers to check out your home.

There is a serious type of Buyer, they won’t take time out from their hectic holiday schedule without accomplishing anything.

Emotions assume a vital role in which a purchaser buys a home. Take advantage of this by making your home pristine and cheery during the showing. You don’t have to dump all those ornaments, be choosy.

It feels good decorating your home, but the case is different while it's on the market. Hold off hanging your usual Christmas decorations, lights, and all sundries, as these might turn off the interest of the buyer. Remember you’re trying to sell your home, let the buyer imagine the arrangement of the house and the way they embellish their own holiday traditions.

Here are some tips on how to decorate your home this season.

Avoid personalizing the decorations

What looks beautiful to you may not appeal to the buyer. The seller’s personal preference should not be reflected throughout the home. Less is better when it comes to decorating your home for the holiday season. Avoid over decorating, it may not even be necessary to put in a tall Christmas Tree, stockings, garlands, and lights. Focus more on enhancing the best features of the home that will keep your buyer enthusiastic.

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Check out your surrounding

If the houses nearby are ablaze with holiday lights and adorned with all the bells and whistles you wouldn’t want to be the Mr. Scrooge in your block. Expect a buyer who’ll appreciate Christmas decorations that will make your home festive for the showing.

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However, if your neighbors are the conservative type with different religious beliefs it might be best to go with the generic decorations rather than your personal season’s greetings welcoming everyone. Hang a wreath on your door rather than Santa or a snowman. Simple white lights will do in place of the colorful blinking ones. Scents will delight the senses of the buyer like the smell of pine, cinnamon, and peppermint. Keep the fireplace burning to show a cozy atmosphere and to warm the buyer during their visit.

A professional real estate agent will suggest to do away with the decorations and stick to the rule of keeping the house under a simple decoration. Simplicity will most like be the ideal decoration in order to highlight the dominant features of the house and allows you rbuyers to envision how they would be decorating the house themselves.

Consider Home Staging

In a nutshell, home staging makes your house look spacious, cheerful, spick and span that will make the buyer want to purchase it instantly! These are the things that you do after making minor repairs, painting, and decluttering. It’s about making the house look stunning by sprucing it up for the sale.

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Without staging, the home will look soulless that will probably place your lot on the selling list for quite some time. Staging is making your imagination work to create those stunning ideas and turning it into fruition. A simple use of plants, mirrors, rugs, baskets and more will make a dull space look sophisticated. It will tingle the senses of the buyer, making them envision how their own furnishings will snugly fit into your home.

Use the internet to learn more about home staging but it takes years of practice and experience before you can gain the skill. If you have some extra money in your bank hire the services of a home stager and include their services in your asking price.

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