December will not find you dashing through the snow in Savannah that is for sure. The city gets hot in the summer but a lot milder in the winter. All we have to do is see the pictures of what our friends in New England have to put up with, and we are more than thankful. Savannah has its own ways of celebrating Christmas and we welcome visitors to be a part of the fun.

Come On Down To the River

The holiday excitement begins on the weekend of December 4. The Savannah Water Association will turn Rousakis Riverfront Plaza into a holiday party with arts and crafts exhibitions. If you want to buy all of those stocking stuffers, this is a great place to do it. This weekend also has the Savannah's Lighted Christmas Parade. It is certainly something to see.

We take full advantage of the Savannah River as a place for the community to celebrate holidays. Do you like gospel music? You will get to hear the very best on the Holiday Gospel Dinner Cruise. You are able to hear voices united in praise, and in addition some excellent Southern cuisine is there for you to taste. The holiday season is when many Savannah actors get to show their talent. "A Christmas Tradition" is two hours of the best entertainment for adults and children alike. Savannah stores also do their very best to encourage people to do some shopping. Merchandise is high quality and your family will enjoy the presents you buy for years to come.

How about Some Holiday House Hunting?

This is an opportunity for you if you are thinking of buying a house. All the festivities will have you in real estate locations here in Savannah. You can take a look at the historic districts, make note of the Christmas lights, and also of the architecture and ambience of the property. What we wish to suggest to you is do not do house hunting as a do-it-yourself project. There is a lot to buying the right house. Live Love Savannah is here to help you.

Our Professionals Know Savannah Property

It is unfortunate but some real estate agents view all of it as a hobby. They dabble in real estate and do not take it seriously. We only want to have professional real estate agents working for us. They have the task of providing quality service to all of our clients. Our agents know what is available, and what a person has to be cautious about. The attention we give to detail makes any house hunting so much easier. Our services do not end with selecting some properties for you.

Everybody hates surprises on closing day and we are no exception. Our agents make sure that there is nothing to stop you from taking occupancy of your new home. If you want to negotiate a closing price, having a little give-and-take with the prospective buyer, we can handle that for you. It is very much a business and we do not let our emotions get in the way.

Savannah Christmas is an event you will remember for all of your life. There are any number of wonderful things to do and the city is at its most charming during the seasons. This is a good time to take a look at property, and we would appreciate the chance to help. Please feel free to contact us at (912) 341-6601or by email at

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