Savannah has been on the short list of places where people love to be in winter pretty much since colonial times. Yes the pleasant climate has always had much to do with that (see more on this below), but as you might suppose the list of things to love has grown over time.

We imagine that if you were to do a “man on the street” interview on the topic, you would hear mention of Savannah being a city of evergreens—pines, live oaks, palm trees and magnolias that often keep their green through the winter—as well as how the most quiet of Savannah’s tourist seasons can make you feel like she belongs just to you. And we also posit that the list of reasons to love Savannah in winter would include the ones that follow (listed in no particular order).   

1.     It’s snowing… someplace else

Every once in a while a flurry of snowflakes will do a wintry dance over Savannah. More often than not, though, Old Man Winter brings a temperate attitude to town. And so we Savannahians have it good when it comes to enjoying outdoor activities, even in the wintertime. Our walking shoes stand at the ready, golf clubs don’t have to be put too far away, and we need not totally shy away from dining out on patios and courtyards at our favorite restaurants simply because the season changed.

2.  Great comfort food is real easy to find.

Now, given Savannah’s vibrant restaurant scene you can find most any kind of cuisine you desire, but on days when it turns chilly there is something especially satisfying about good old comfort food. And it’s as easy as pie to find in Savannah, which is after all the crown jewel of Southern cities. You can pick and choose among down-home dishes of the Paula Deen variety or classic Southern eats reinvented with a modern twist. Either way, you will be warmed from the inside out.

3. Cozy coffeehouses are in no short supply. 

For those of us who like to warm up in winter with a hot cup of coffee, cocoa or tea, Savannah’s thriving coffee shop scene is a major perk. It’s nice to know that when pressed for time, we can pop by a walk-up window for a latte or espresso to go. Whether we’re feeling a bit peckish or are downright hungry, we can get everything from baked goods to full dinner fare with that cup of Joe. And this being Savannah, there are places where we can sip our choice of brew while nestled in a comfy armchair or while enjoying a live music performance or open mic comedy night.

4.     A beach day is only minutes away.

With Tybee Island only a 20-minute drive away, Savannahians don’t have to pine for sand and surf through the long winter’s night. No airline reservations are needed; no long-term planning or lengthy road trip required—just head on out to Tybee on a lark. Crowds have died down, it’s quiet on the island, and it’s a perfect way to spend quality family time. And although it’s not swimsuit weather, a jacket or a couple of extra layers will typically suffice as winter beach wear.

5. It’s a great time to catch some “hot” deals.

In winter, which is Savannah’s low season, there’s typically a notable uptick in the number of deals and special offers from hotels, restaurants and retailers. What that means for us locals is a chance to snag a sweet hotel package for an in-town getaway, to bag good bargains on a shopping trip (see our blog about some of Savannah’s hot shopping spots), and to score some savings at a favorite eatery or at a restaurant that’s long been on the waiting-to-try-it list.

Our affection for Savannah deepens with each passing season, and we love spending our days helping people buy and sell homes in the city that we have such great passion for. So put Live Love Savannah at the top of your short list of preferred real estate companies, and when you’re ready make us your first call.

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