Summertime in the South can get sizzling hot. We don’t fret too much about that in Savannah, though. Instead, our city just eases right on into what is one of its off-seasons. You could say we go from a casual saunter to a meandering mosey, beating the heat by enjoying things that you just gotta love about Savannah, particularly when the mercury rises.

So, what are some things we cherish about our hometown in the midst of the summer season?

1. It’s no tall order to find a shady spot.

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Savannah is brimming with trees and if they could talk many would tell you they’ve been imparting shade for centuries. Savannah’s squares, for instance, have been places of respite on hot days since the 1700s. You can sit and cool out for a spell under the large live oaks and the fountains nestled in several of the squares add to the oasis effect. We’ve got acres upon acres of shaded parks too and the numerous woods of Skidaway Island State Park can be incredibly cool even in sultry weather.

2. There’s plenty of water to play in.

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Being only 15 miles from the Atlantic means that we can easily experience relief from the heat that water brings. We can swim, water ski, catch some waves or go boating, parasailing or jet skiing whenever we’ve got the time and inclination. If you’d rather paddle board or kayak, you can frequent the tidal creeks and other waterways. You can keep the heat at bay in the city by playing in the splash fountain at Ellis Square and the water park in Pooler makes a great “cool down” spot.

3. We’ve got an award-winning ice cream shop.

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There’s also nothing that hits the spot quite like ice cream in the summer and we need to go no further than Leopold’s downtown to treat ourselves to some of the best ice cream around. No matter if you pick a signature flavor like Tutti Frutti or try one of the other scrumptious treats, you’ll be quickly reminded why Leopold’s was named the #5 ice cream shop in the world. And, we get to celebrate that homemade goodness big time at their annual birthday block party in August.

4. Refreshing libations are ubiquitous in our town.

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As Southerners, we swear by our sweet iced tea, which is pure cold comfort in sweltering weather. We don’t have to go out of our way to find it either as sweet tea is a regular on coffee shop menus and a staple in Savannah restaurants. We can also get specialty versions like sweet and creamy Thai iced tea. Cool summertime cocktails are also easy to come by, plus we can sip and stroll in the to-go cup zone. And with brew pubs aplenty, we can grab a cold one that’s local too.

5. You can pick your own pace.

Whether you prefer to do something next to nothing, something more adventurous, or something betwixt and between, in Savannah summer fun can be had at your own tempo. From lounging in a beach chair out on Tybee… to spending a quiet afternoon in the cool of museums or galleries… to motoring around town on a vintage Vespa… to spicing up your leisure time at festivals and other events on Savannah’s summer calendar, there is something to match your rhythm of the moment. 

Truth be told, there’s so much to love about Savannah that as residents we tend not to pay too much attention when the weather heats up. We indulge in cool things and enjoy the coastal breezes. Plus, we reflect on the many reasons why it’s so good to be a Savannahian. As you might expect for Live Love Savannah that includes all the awesome neighborhoods you can choose from to call home—and that’s just downright “cool.”