Savannah is blessed with a peaceful environment. Even though the city has all the hustle and bustle of a thriving community, we are surrounded by natural beauty and an atmosphere that says calm down and relax after a busy day. The coastal islands just off the shore provide the kind of living space which combines beautiful homes with Mother Nature's finest. Tybee Island is an emerald in the ocean.

Historical Beauty Waiting for You

If you are a fan of American history you are going to love this place. There is a lighthouse that has been on the island in one form or another since 1736, and the existing lighthouse is a very popular tourist attraction. Tybee was part of the defense of Savannah during the Civil War and Ft. Pulaski National Monument is something worth visiting. Sound was a big innovation in the motion picture industry and the Tybee Post Theater, built in 1930, was one of the first theaters in Georgia to have feature films with sound. Tybee was once a big resort area and there still are some vacation homes, but the heyday has gone away.

Nature Beckons

Tybee Island is a marine habitat and people have an opportunity to get a closer look at the environment and the non-human residents with a number of island tours. Marine life is celebrated here and children learn a lot about aquatic ecology at the Tybee Island Marine Science Center. Of course, there are the magnificent beaches just made to be enjoyed and walked on.

Why Not Live Here?

The history and the nature are reason enough to consider making Tybee Island your home. There is more: the peace and quiet are fantastic! High stress is the price one pays for career success. You need to have a place where you can let your blood pressure come down. Tybee Island invites you to just take a stroll and let your toes get wet in the surf. What is important is to find just the right house. That takes more than just driving around. If you are going to spend the money to live on this island heaven, you should get exactly what you want. It will require a real estate agent who understands the value of property. Someone who is doing real estate as a hobby will not invest the time. You must have a professional real estate agent, and Live Love Savannah is exactly what you need.

We have Full time Professionals

We are a boutique real estate agency in the Hostess City and we are more than familiar with the area real estate. Property on Tybee Island is upscale and our agents know their clients want the best for the money. You will notice how our people make a point of listening to you; making sure they know exactly what you are looking for in a house. After that, our agents check the property on Tybee carefully for you. All of the ins and outs of a house are inspected to be sure the place meets your expectations. If you want to look at several properties, you can be assured you will be visiting the very best available. When it comes to work over the closing, you will be more than impressed by the professionalism of our people. It is almost second nature as they primarily deal with successful people. The home you want on Tybee Island is what we do our best to get for you.

We expect you have questions and we do welcome your inquiry. We want to be able to assist you in finding that perfect house, and hope you will get in touch with us. We can be reached at (912) 341-6601or by email at

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