James Oglethorpe had the right idea when he designed the urban layout for Savannah. The beautiful squares of the city are not just a major tourist attraction, but also symbols of the elegant lifestyle to be had in the Hostess City. Chippewa Square is one of the best-known of all of them. It is over 200 years old and is a beautiful park, but the scenery is also surrounded by some of the best real estate.

Hollywood Comes Calling

The motion picture industry has used Savannah for a number of scenic locations. The movie made Chippewa Square recognizable by people all over the world. You can sit on one of the benches in the square and take in all the natural beauty.

There is more than beautiful flowers and stately trees. The Savannah Theatre opened for business just a few years after Chippewa Square was laid out. The oldest sanctuary in Savannah can be found at the first Baptist Church and the Eastman-Stoddard House can also be viewed as you take a stroll through the scenery. The south end of the square is where Bull Street runs, and there’s some very nice places where you can window shop and perhaps stop for a cup of coffee.

What also makes Chippewa Square appealing is that it is right in the heart of Savannah. If you have a busy job at one of the corporate offices in downtown Savannah, you can leisurely walk to and from the daily workplace. You may have had a stressful day and the beauty of Chippewa Square is going to strip away that stress. By the time you reach your home you are a brand-new person with a general sense of peace. That is certainly one of the greatest gifts that Chippewa Square can ever give to a resident who lives in the neighborhood.

Make Use of Professional Services

The beautiful real estate surrounding Chippewa Square is enough to make anyone run like Forrest to the nearest house for sale. We can appreciate it but we suggest that you take a leisurely stroll to the property. The outward appearance looks magnificent but, as the old saying goes, looks can be deceiving. You need to know the condition of the interior of the house. Is the plumbing up to date or is there some repair work which needs to be done? Any internal problems can affect the negotiations. You may want to have the seller do the repair, or reduce the price so that you can pay for the renovation work yourself. A good real estate agent is going to be helpful in a situation such as this. As part of the negotiations, this professional will review any information about the property to see about the current condition. The kind of help you need in buying excellent property is what you will find at Live Love Savannah.

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We also have other services that can help you buy the right home for sale in Savannah and its neighboring communities. Chippewa Square is right in the center of Savannah and is a wonderful place to live in and raise your family. We can help you find that beautiful home you want. Feel free to contact us at 912-341-6601 or send us an email at  LiveLoveSavannah@gmail.com.