The Coastal Empire is blessed with some truly amazing locations up and down the shore. One of these is Skidaway Island. This is a beautiful gem in the Savannah area that has fantastic amenities as well as beautiful properties that a homebuyer may want to consider.

Amazing Natural Beauty

The nature trail on the island allows a person to take in the beauty of this wonderful place. The Skidaway National Park is close to the Skidaway Narrows and this Park allows a chance for a person to see a maritime forest and a salt marsh in its natural and pristine wonder. There's all kinds of wildlife in this area and a birdwatcher is going to love seeing all of the species of birds near the feeding stations. The scenery is without question amazing, but there is more to Skidaway Island to enjoy.

The Very Best in Recreation

Any resident of Skidaway Island is going to brag about all the recreation opportunities that can be found. There are six championship golf courses on the island just waiting to have a foursome or even an individual golfer tee up. If tennis happens to be your passion, there are three tennis centers that have 34 courts waiting to challenge you (if you enjoy playing at twilight, 11 of the courts are lighted for you to enjoy). There is no sense living on an island if you cannot spend some time on the water. Landings Harbor and Delegal Creek Marina permit you to dock your boat after a day on the intracoastal waterway or even the Atlantic (Both are deep water marinas). These are the kind of amenities that you want to be able to enjoy after a hard day of work. It also means that those weekends you want to spend with the family can truly be quality time. Skidaway Island has everything you need to enjoy a very active life in an environment that is breathtaking.

Properties Are Upscale

Naturally, any island that has all of these recreation possibilities and scenic beauty will have homes that are as

beautiful as the surroundings. Skidaway Island has properties that the successful business professional wants to call home. Visiting the available properties of Skidaway Island is a leisurely tour all by itself. You will be pleasantly astonished at everything that this island on the Georgia coast has to offer you and your family. A home here is a gateway to an enjoyable life well earned.

We Can Help You Find That Dream House You Want

Live Love Savannah is a boutique real estate agency headquartered here in Savannah. Our real estate agents are full-time professionals dedicated to helping a client find that perfect house. We are very familiar with what is currently available on Skidaway Island. All you need to do is let us know specifically what you would like to have in a house. We will arrange for you to have a viewing of these magnificent homes, and help you make the best decision for you and your family. If there is a particular concern you have, we will investigate it and find the answer for you.

Skidaway Island is a treasure of real estate waiting for the right person. You've worked hard to attain success and now it is time to live that dream in a beautiful house. We can help you and we would welcome hearing from you. Please feel free to contact us at (912) 341-6601 or by email at

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