People in Chicago or New York City love to brag about their St. Patrick's Day. This is a great day for the Irish but it is not just a northern festival. We also know very well our Irish heritage. That's why we have one of the largest St. Patrick's Day parades in the country. The Irish came to Savannah in droves in the 19th century and we celebrate that day. Incidentally, we do more than just one day of it.

Lots of Green Festivities

Savannah’s enthusiasm is a reason why our St. Patrick’s Day Parade is the third largest in the world. Savannah is the place to be in March if you happen to be Irish. Of course, there is the Parade but there's also the St. Patrick's Day Festival. This takes place on River Street and in the City Market. There is also the Tara Fais Irish Celebration which occurs in Emmett Park. You will find a lot of family activities and celebration of all things Hibernian. You can be sure to have all kinds of Irish drink and cuisine at the restaurants of Savannah. Slainte mhath!

The Grand Pubs

The St. Patrick's Day Charity Bar Crawl allows you to visit all of the great pubs in the city and the proceeds go to benefit charity. You can expect that St. Patrick's Day will be in the squares, and the Greening of the Fountain at Forsyth Park allows you to watch green water spout out of fountains. The area around Savannah also celebrates the day. Tybee Island has an Irish heritage parade that allows the residents to take part in all of the Celtic festivities. The Celtic Cross Ceremony is a formal recognition of the Irish and their contributions to Savannah.

House Hunting 

All of the fun and festivities St. Patrick's Day will give you an opportunity to see a lot of Savannah. You get a chance to look at all the various neighborhoods and what the community is like here. If you are looking to purchase a house, this is a great opportunity to do a little house hunting. While it's a great visual experience but there really is more to buying the house. You cannot judge a book by only looking at its cover.

There's a fair amount of research required in the purchase of a home. If you are a first-time buyer, this all may be a little difficult. It helps to have a real estate expert at your side who is going to point out the pluses and also discuss the minuses of the house with you.

A Live  Love Savannah real estate agent is a full-time professional dedicated to property search, appraisal, listing and purchase. We understand the real value of Savannah real estate and will point out all the various features of the house. We love to answer your questions as quickly as possible. Sometimes the final negotiations can be a little tense. That is why having a dedicated real estate agent from Live Love Savannah is so important. The final negotiations are handled and you will get your dream house at an affordable price.

Finding the right house takes more than just the luck of the Irish. Having a real estate professional work with you is the best way to get the best bargain. Live Love Savannah has built its reputation on providing the very best client service. We have a number of professional real estate services we offer, and we would like to discuss them with you. Please feel free to contact us at 912-341-6601 or send us an email at  

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