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A Wonderful Time and Place

Savannah celebrates life on River Street. It is an avenue where festivals are held all year round including the Savannah Blues, Jazz, & BBQ Fest among others. If you like, you can walk up and down the street and do some fun window shopping. River Street has all kinds of merchandise for you to take a gander at as you stroll.

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The cotton warehouses along River Street which once held bales of cotton now have excellent restaurants. If you get a little hungry, you can peek into Tubby’s Seafood and check the catch of the day, or perhaps the Cotton Exchange Tavern & Restaurant to see what is on the menu. River Street at night has all kinds of fun. If you don't think so, all you have to do is pay a visit to Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub or The Distillery, and you will become a believer. River Street is meant to be enjoyed.

Looking at the Property

The bustle and excitement of River Street are enough to make anyone want to live close by. There are properties available, but you have to be careful. Excitement aside, not every one of those houses has what you need. The architecture may look great, but the house itself may be covered by specific code regulations you must know before money changes hands.

A commission driven real estate agent is not going to go very deep into the details. This person is not concerned about national landmark stipulations, but only the ability to sell the house as soon as possible. A competent real estate agent is going to move judiciously. Public records are examined for any code violations or problems with the property. It goes without saying the title search is done competently. Any liens on the house are discovered by such a dedicated agent. This real estate professional is going to look carefully at the history of the house and if there are any unique specifications which must be followed. You can trust Live Love Savannah to do a thorough job.

We Work for the Client

A Live Love Savannah agent values relationship. When a client initially asks for help, our staff will sit down with this person and go over what the client would like to see in the house. We will then take a look at what is available on the market. We are concerned with things such as schools, libraries, and of course proximity to the River Street activities. Our people have a commitment to making house hunting as easy as it possibly can be for you. You’ll notice this in all of the special little things we do to make the entire experience a delight.

Bigger cities have nothing on Savannah when it comes to a grand time in the urban area. If you like, you can also enjoy the fun by having a house near to where the action is happening. We provide the kind of support you will need in this very important hunting expedition. We are positive that we can help you get that all of your dreams close to all of the activity. Everything starts with contacting us and find out all we can do for you. We would welcome the chance to have a conversation with you. Please feel free to contact us at 912-341-6601 or send us an email at  liveloveSavannah@gmail.com.

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