As most anyone who lives in Savannah will tell you, come March, you can't- as they say – swing a stick in the city without hitting a festival, celebration or other not-to-be-missed event.

The characteristic arrival of spring-like weather in early March surely has to do a lot with this. While winter holds on elsewhere in the country, in Savannah we don sweaters and by month's end are in short sleeves. Flowers and flowering trees are waking up from their winter nap to start a countdown to burst of blooms. And spring fever is setting in.

And so "festival season" traditionally kicks up a notch, and serves up something for everyone.

This March Savannah will be abuzz with activities like concerts, art exhibits, festivals and live theater – to name just a few. Some are one-off events. Others are annual festivities Savannah locals and visitors alike enthusiastically look forward to.

Check out the Visit Savannah website where you can search for upcoming events. Read on for a sampling of popular annual events taking place in Savannah in March. (Many are FREE)

Savannah Stopover Music Festival

March 5-7

A trivia tidbit: This festival began in 2011 as a "performance pit stop" for bands headed to Austin's South by Southwest Music Festival. Now growing into a destination of its own, Stopover 2015 features over 100 bands – local and touring, well-known and up and coming. Music style range from Bluegrass to Hip Hop. Venues are clustered in the Historic District, letting you easily stroll from venue to venue, a to-go cup of your chosen beverage in hand.

Saint Patrick's Day Festivities

March 14 – 17

When it comes to celebrating Saint Patrick, Savannahians proudly assert that our city does it bigger and better than most. (Note to non-locals: The fountains in Savannah's Historic District really do gush green for this holiday). And in keeping tradition, 2015 festivities include family-friendly celebrations and spirited adult revelry.

  • The non-alcoholic Tara Feis Irish Celebration takes place on March 14. Kids and adults can look forward to a day filled with live music, great food, and a good time.
  • Shamrock t-shirts or other festive green garb are the order of the day for March 14, 16, and 17 when the River Street Celebration (aka street party) takes place.
  • Savannah's renowned Saint Patrick's Day Parade, is on March 17 of course. This is the parade's 191stbirthday.

Savannah Music Festival

March 19 – April 4

A musical bookend for the latter half of the month, the internationally acclaimed Savannah Musical Festival appears to once again have the makings of an unparalleled musical arts event. Over the course of 17 days more than 500 celebrated artists will perform across 11 venuses. The multi-genre performances include down-home blues, toe tapping jazz, undulating Latin rythms, soul-stirring gospel and R&B, and much, much more.

Tour of Homes & Gardens

March 26 – 29

Now, what better way to wind up the month than strolling back in time through a tour of some of Savannah's finest private historic homes? Each day showcases a different section of the Historic District and each tour includes five to eight sites. Tours are self-guided so you can meander along the tree-canopied streets at your own pace, taking in the beauty of homes that date back 200 years or more. There are also special events and delectable dining experiences scheduled throughout the four days.

As you can see, there is plenty of quality fun to be had in Savannah during March (Visitors also note: The same is true all year round). Final note: If you haven't reserved your spot for ticketed events you want to attend, put that on your to-do list quickly so as not to be disappointed. Enjoy!

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