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Thanksgiving is fast approaching!! The temperature starts to drop while the wind gently blows.  Most people are enjoying their time reconnecting with their families, friends and colleagues, some are busy planning for the upcoming events, while others are getting a head start for their future. Buying a home is fairly common during the fall season. It is understandable that there are tons of things to consider for a pleasant result. There is nothing like spending your first holiday in your new home;  sitting with your partner on the porch watching the golden sunrise with a cup of jo, or having dinner with family...

You heard it right!  Buying new home during holidays isn’t classic. However, with motivated sellers, low buyer competition as well as benefits of year-end tax, this might be a good time for you to rearrange your holiday plans and add house hunting in Savanna, Georgia.


Don’t miss your chance to grab these benefits at this wonderful time of the year.

You can easily win over motivated sellers. 

When a property is listed towards the end of the year, there must be an important reason why the seller needs to move to another town; it could be a financial hardship, job relocation, looking for an upgrade/downgrade or unexpected personal issues. No matter what their reasons are, this will provide you with an opportunity to get a sweet deal. Don’t hesitate to lowball the price and request for a specific closing date which works with your plan.

Avail of a new property at a bargained price.

December is known for holiday parties and frantic shopping but not for buying homes – and this could perfectly work in your favor! Since there only a few buyers in the marketplace, homes for sale at this time are typically priced to sell. Likewise, fewer buyer means that there’s lesser chance of multiple offers.

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Tax deduction at its best.

Buying a new property in 2016 is a great thing do as soon as tax time comes up. When you close on or before December 31, chances are, you could deduct mortgage interest, property taxes, origination points (if you have a loan) and even interest costs.  These will all happen while you are increasing your home equity. Take note, these can save  you a big sum of money particularly during the early days of your loan as you are paying off for  interest.

Take advantage of vendor availability

You don’t need to stress yourself in calling a moving company in December. Feel secure even on calling short notice. Aside from that, you can also get an amazing deal. Feel free to ask them for free hours for your moving job or for packing your stuff. Don’t be scared to apply this trick to the repairmen, contractors, and home inspectors.

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Incentives, incentives, incentives!

Are you planning to build a new home?  Thanksgiving time will let you get holiday incentives.  Usually, builders roll this out so they could end their year in a better way. If you wish to upgrade custom cabinets or have designer paint colors, perhaps, Thanksgiving is the perfect time for you to buy a new construction property. Because only a few units are being sold throughout December, last days of December are really crucial for sales.  

This family-oriented holidays made home buying easy enough and deals push through much quicker. After the holidays, you may have to wait a few more months for the next best time to do this.

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