Ever looked at charming homes surrounded by lots of trees and wondered how it felt like to be living in one? Every morning you wake up and smell the fresh air, read your favorite novel under a tree or see your kids play hide-and-go-seek. Most of us have our own vision of what we want for our dream home but if your dream includes a vision of a lovely home just a tad into the woods, then we've got you covered. Here in Savannah, we are truly fortunate to have plenty of  things to do just right out of  our front door. Whether you are new here, have lived here all of your life, or looking to see what's out there, you'll enjoy this list of homes for sale with a view of the woods under 500k.



































Live Love Savannah is about making things possible for you, turning an option into an opportunity and we do our best to help you make your dream a reality. 

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