The southern city of Savannah, Georgia is truly the best place to go for anyone who wants to have a memorable and enjoyable Thanksgiving celebration. From taking a riverboat cruise to having a sumptuous meal, Savannah, Georgia will always have something special to offer.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional way to celebrate or you simply want to discover more ways to spend the holiday with family and friends, Savannah, Georgia is surely the best place to enjoy the annual Thanksgiving holiday.

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Witness the annual boat parade.

Tag along your family and friends at this amazing parade of yachts that have been festively decorated to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Following the official tree lighting, the parade starts and is witnessed along the Savannah River.

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Tap your musical affinity at a live theater performance.

Nothing beats watching a live performance of professional actors on a stage where you can simply sit down and just enjoy the musical show. Swing your hips while they sing your favorite tunes as Savannah Theatre can provide you a unique and memorable way of spending the night. 

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Take a leisurely walk at Forsyth Park.

Make sure you bring a nice camera with a fully-loaded battery when you come to this place. Boasting of a two-tiered cast-iron fountain, brick-paved walkways, and picture-perfect oak trees, Forsyth Park is truly a sight to behold with its lush, Parisian-style appeal.

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Have an exciting dinner cruise, Savannah style.

On Thanksgiving Day, you don’t have to worry about taking care of the dishes after a sumptuous dinner celebration. The best way to have a worry-free meal is going on a Thanksgiving Day dinner cruise where you can satisfy your palate at the mouthwatering buffet spread. There’s also a live entertainment to keep you company while you enjoy the night away.

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Savor a turkey that specially prepared for a Thanksgiving dinner.

You can learn the various steps that you need in preparing turkey as provided by the National Turkey Federation. These can be particularly helpful if you’re hosting a turkey dinner and you need some easy steps to follow in the preparation process. 

Here are some of the things you need to know and do: 

  • consider your guests’ dietary restrictions or food allergy if there’s any
  •  the space in your refrigerator and freezer - check if they’re clean and have ample space for the turkey as well as the trimmings that go with it.
  • if you have the right spices, stuffing mixes, wine and other liquor which you can store prior to preparation
  • If you have called for a delivery service and have confirmed the time and date of the turkey delivery if you haven’t bought a turkey yet. 

Once you have all that settled, then you better get in the kitchen and start preparing for that scrumptious turkey everyone's waiting for. 

If cooking is not for you, fear not!  Here are some restaurants that are open on Thanksgiving. 

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While preparing the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving dinner may be everyone else’s goal, going to a restaurant for the occasion can never go wrong. You can choose from a number of restaurants in Savannah which are usually open on Thanksgiving holiday. Some of the restaurants you can check out include:

1. 17Hundred90 -  Tastefully decorated in old southern tradition,  Enjoy good tasting food - guaranteed wonderful entrées, professional service, and an elegant setting that is perfect for Thanksgiving. 

2. The Olde Pink House – A favorite among the locals and tourists alike, seats are limited at this restaurant which therefore advises guests to call for a reservation.

3. Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Enjoy a three-course thanksgiving meal at a pocket-friendly price and choose from the full menu which is also available.

4.  The Chart House - Serving a traditional turkey dinner along with a limited version of their regular menu. Choose among sliced roast turkey, cornbread stuffing, baked or sweet potatoes and cream spinach, along with pumpkin or pecan pie. 

5. Cha Bella – The Thanksgiving event will be highlighted by a lavish Buffet Feast which features dishes that have fresh from the farm ingredients produced locally.

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