The nights are getting longer, and darkness is coming upon us. Shadows are everywhere, and the lights are looking eerie. It all means that Savannah is getting closer to Halloween. The Hostess City is one of the best places to celebrate the hauntings. Anyone would expect that a city with a history dating back centuries is going to have a few residents who decided to stay a bit longer. It is all part of the fun and Savannah makes the most of Halloween.

How About a Tour?

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A unique activity is any one of the Halloween related tours. The Hearse Ghost Tours will allow you to look at some of the cemeteries found in Savannah. The Savannah Ghost Tours will start at the Sorrel-Weed House, and get you through some of the most haunted areas of town. Incidentally, if the place looks familiar, it is because this mansion was featured on several cable television channels.

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The Ghost and Gravestones Tour will send shivers down your spine. You might need something to calm down your jangled nerves and the Haunted Pub Crawl will introduce you to some of Savannah’s most popular spirits (we are talking liquor, of course). The restaurants of Savannah get involved as well, and the Olde Pink House and Moon River Brewing allows you to have a bite to eat with some of the former residents (they do not bite, but they can nibble on your fears). It is all part of a lot of fun.

Don’t Get Spooked by the Property

You might see some beautiful houses as you tour through the old neighborhoods. These are properties built a long time ago, and each one has its history. Unfortunately, some of these properties have the past that is still haunting them. What we mean is that the property may have a lien placed on it from some time ago, and it makes selling the house difficult. Buyers can be a little unsettled by the house that needs a lot of renovation work. This is all sad because a person may need to sell the house, or might have their heart set on a home which they would like to buy. Live Love Savannah would like to help people with their specific real estate goals. We can help anyone buy or sell their property.

Yes, that is what any real estate agent is going to say to you but we can back it up. Live Love Savannah is a boutique real estate agency in Savannah, and we have a significant advantage over other agencies. We hire only full-time agents. These are the kind of people who dedicate their working career to real estate. It means they are continually upgrading their skills and keeping their ear to the ground about any developments in the housing market.

Very Professional Knowledge

Our folks know all about the historic districts of Savannah. It means that they know where the schools are located, the hospitals, and other facts of life which you cannot do without. When it comes to the house itself, we can effectively negotiate repairs and any other trade-offs necessary to bring closure to a deal. You’ll discover quickly that our people are very professional and work to satisfy your needs.

Halloween is when we remember that some citizens of Savannah stayed on decades after they died. One of the neighborhoods can be a familiar haunt for you and your family. It just requires finding the right place. You can also sell your house and move to an area where history is still being made. Let us help you. We would be honored to be of service, and we urge you to please feel free to contact us at 912-341-6601 or send us an email at

Thinking of buying a home in Savannah?

When visiting is no longer an option and you decided to set roots in town, we at the Live Love Savannah Real Estate team can help. From Single Family Homes, Condominiums to townhomes and more, we are positive we can find the right home for you. Call us at 912 341-6601 and let's get started! 

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