You may have been checking religiously online looking for the perfect home for you and your family or you may have been to countless open houses and showings with your agent but what are the signs that you may just have found "The One?"

Here are telltale signs that what you're looking for could be right in front of you:

1. You instantly feel at home. As they say, love at first sight is anything but a myth. But when it comes to house hunting, there might be a little truth in that. As soon as you walk in, a feeling of ease envelopes you and you start envisioning where you would put the beautiful table in the living room and what curtain would match the room. A calming feeling of belongingness takes over and you know you are home and you will do anything it takes to make it yours then you just might have found "The One".

2. You start to see its flaws as adorable quirks. Let's face it, no one and nothing is perfect. Same goes for that dream home you've been eyeing. The house may need a little repainting, the windows need to be replaced and to others, it could have been easy deal breakers, but once you find the house of your dreams, you begin to love even the flaws and in your mind, start planning on what repairs are needed to make it how you wanted it to be.

3. You don't want to see other homes. If you find "The One" that you're looking for, your interest in seeing other homes wanes and you find yourself counting down the days till you can call it yours. As much as your agent will tell you to keep your options open, you know in your heart that you have found what you're looking for and this my friend, is a clear sign that you may have just found "The One".

4. You start seeing yourself living in it. Once you start getting visions of inviting people over for Thanksgiving or where you would be placing the giant Christmas Tree, you start to imagine living in the home. And when you feel at the open house that this right here is where you belong and where you want to grow old and weary, then be sure to follow your gut and tell your agent right then and there to make an offer as you may just have found "The One"

5. It's all worth it. We all know that looking for the perfect dream home can be time-consuming and expensive but once you feel that all the time, money and energy that you have put into the home buying process is worth everything you have invested and more, then this is definitely "The One" you are looking for.

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